Sex Addiction Interventions

Addiction is all around us, from inside our homes to on television. It is often ignored, not necessarily on purpose, but many times because we do not realize the severity of the problem. If you have had addiction in your life, then odds are you do not possess the coping skills to prevent the addiction from taking over you. This is true regardless of the addition that is controlling us.

I believe that with the right guidance, and professional experience, we can work together to:

  • Create a welcoming recovery environment together
  • Rescue all those who are imprisoned by their addiction, willingly and cooperatively.
  • Be able to voice our own story of the pathway to recovery.

The addiction did not develop on its own. We cannot assume a person will be pulled from their addiction while isolated from the people who love them. Addictions can be beaten when we show the addict that living is not a scary prospect.

Addiction Intervention Services

When sex addiction interventions are planned, the event is far from being a controlled setting. There is always a possibility of violence coming from the addict. Coming to us is the best step to take. That is because we can help you reach out to the loved ones and know you are not alone in this.

Many do not realize that when their loved one is acting out in the form of violence and hostility, they are pleading for help. They have no coping skills, and are lost within their addiction. It is important as family members to separate the human from the addiction. This is not an easy task as the addiction has been holding them hostage for several years.

The first thing that we do is assume that the addict does not really want to be addicted. Addicts turn to their addiction to fill a void or to mask a pain they are feeling. When they turn to their addiction, they are killing all coping skills, but they do not feel the pain they were experiencing. They need guidance to turn to real coping skills, and leave their addiction behind.

Our specialists here know how to treat sex addiction. They know exactly what the addict is feeling and thinking. Being able to put themselves in the shoes of the addict will help the addict immediately know they are not alone and see there is a future.

Addiction Intervention Programs

The addiction intervention program was formed after I received revelations from my own intervention. I became motivated through my recovery, and I want to spread that motivation to others. Through my service to others, I see the compassion and love shared with others, which keeps the recovery environment open.

I know that without my intervention, I would still be stuck in my addiction. I would not be able to help others when they desperately need it. I feel honored to be where I am today, and blessed that so many cared enough about me. I beg you to look deep into your loved one and see them not as an addict, but as a hostage. Then you will see you have the ability to save them and offer them a better future.

When you stop looking at their faults, and see them as a human that is only self-medicating, then you can bring them out of the pain they are in. Blaming and punishing them does nothing but put them further into their hole of despair, and does not give them the resources to recover.

Intervention Specialists

Our services are designed to help both the family of the addict, and the addict themselves. This is because the family does not know how to act or help the addict, and the addict cannot recognize those who truly love them. This is why it is important to realize there are important factors to being successful with recovery.

  • Assistance of an Addiction Specialist
  • A detailed plan letting you know when the intervention will be, and the planned treatment
  • Support training for the intervention
  • Support and help following the intervention

I know it is hard to understand, but I know what you are going through. Even if you are not choosing to commit to the program at this time, at least our resources to obtain much needed information for the future. Without education, you will make ill-informed decisions about the one you love.

The situation is extremely delicate, and yet serious. Providing yourself with all of the tools, resources, and guidance possible will give you the best chance of recovery.

Please contact us to create a new path of change.

Sex Addiction Intervention

Contact Brad Lamm
I am hoping you are here to learn about beginning a sex addiction intervention. You can expect change to occur here.

  • We have multiple options available with intervention specialists that are experienced.

  • Our primary goal is for you to show a loved one that you care about them. We help turn that love into results.

Love is a motivator of many. It does not guarantee success; however, it does keep hope alive. As a person registered to hold interventions, I am here to help you help those you love.
"Brad Lamm's step-by-step approach empowers familes to change their loved ones through compassionate
and continued support."

-Dr. Mehmet Oz
Dr. Oz Show
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“I just couldn't believe it. My husband was the picture of the American Dream. He was a successful Latino attorney, had a beautiful house, and also nearly divorced me so he could spend more time with his mistress -- cocaine.

I felt so betrayed at first. I thought that this was the end of our family. My kids didn't understand what was happening. When my friend told me about this Intervention program, I was so desperate to find help, I called the same day!

Things are not perfect now, but I understand what is going on a little better, and that is a blessing. "
-Dana G.
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Brad Lamm, Interventionist

Hello, my name is Brad Lamm. I am the founder of Intervention Specialists.

My support system offers addiction interventions, and it is designed to create the most positive energy and love possible. My goal, as an addiction interventionist, is to assist in rescuing the addict from their hostage situation, when they can see no way out.

We help people all over the country overcome addiction by providing positive energy, that dissipates negative environments. This includes old support system that led them to the addictive behavior.

You can help us further by checking into the resources available the tell how to contact us and support the change.

Support from family and friend is shown to increase he success rate of recovery by roughly 500 percent. Do not let a wall built by shame and sickness take the life of your loved one.

The addiction is to blame for the behaviors, not the addict. Nourishing and strengthening the addict is the way to a successful recovery and a lifelong change.

Contact us today.
RTI Interventionist Brad Lamm