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NYC Intervention Services

A successful intervention is one that is:

  • Planned with love by family and friends.
  • Guided by a professional through the process.
  • Individualized to fit the needs of your loved one and you.

We offer many types of interventions as well as supplemental Intervention Services and programs that will guide you through the intervention and recovery process offering you a tailored approach. Some of these programs include:

  • The Change Coaching Initiative (CCI)
  • Sober Companion and Sober Coaching
  • Initiative2Change
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Family Intensive
  • Family Assistance in Recovery
  • Intervention Training service.

I would be happy to explain these services in more detail, and create a unique strategy, when you contact me for a free consultation.

Types of Interventions

Family Intervention

An integral part of any intervention and recovery planned for a loved one is the support of family. First, the love and compassion of family will cause your loved one to see their behavior and slowly move towards the desire to change. During the intervention process, we will help you by giving you professional knowledge to help you understand their behavior, and utilize your insights to build a plan of recovery.

NYC Interventionist Brad Lamm was once rescued by an intervention planned by people that cared enough to pull him out of his pain, and this is why he believes strongly that family should be a part of interventions.

Early Interventions

By intervening in the addiction of an adolescent, you are preventing the damage addictive substances can have on a still developing brain as well as beginning the process of teaching them about healthy coping skills.

Early Intervention is an opportunity for us to interrupt detrimental behaviors both externally and internally giving them valuable coping skills. They will also learn the harmful effects that some stimulants have on the brain because this is information not commonly understood by an adolescent.

Crisis Intervention

Although the word “crisis” is not normally used relating to a peaceful event, let me assure you our Crisis Interventions are non-violent. Crisis Intervention often follow sa crisis event or are planned to prevent one from happening.

This type of intervention brings the addict to a crossroads where they must choose whether they are going to take responsibility for their addiction and recovery. The other two factors that determine a successful intervention includes the love of their family and the expertise of an Interventionist in NYC.

Addiction Intervention

Addiction takes on many different faces such as alcohol, drugs, work, food, etc. It is not the addiction that needs to be addressed as much as the addict’s perception of the addiction, and what other methods they can use to cope with the pain and stress they encounter in life.

NYC Intervention Services has both alcohol and drug intervention. Those in the middle of their addiction likely feel a great deal of pain, and require a lot of support during intervention and recovery. Interventions for drugs and alcohol are conducted in an environment created to be safe and secure for you and your loved one.

Behavioral Intervention

The addiction your loved one is struggling with is a behavior they engage in to deal with pain. It is now proven that those who suffer from addiction do not produce or process the feel good chemicals of our bodies called endorphins. Their addiction has replaced the natural process of endorphins, and they need to return to behaviors that promote this chemical.

During a behavioral intervention your loved one needs to take responsibility for their behavior, but they will also need you to reach out to them. This may mean reaching out again and again until they accept the invitation for an intervention and begin the road to recovery.

Interventions for Eating Disorders

We can offer you help for you and your loved one as you seek to intervene in an eating disorder. If your loved one is suffering from anorexia, bulimia, or food addiction, then they are most likely using food or the power they believe they have over food to deal with stress and bury pain.

It will take an intervention that is carefully planned with a great deal of compassion for your loved one. After they have accepted the intervention and need for treatment and recovery, they will need therapy to teach those healthy coping skills, and nutritional counseling that builds their understanding of what a healthy nutritional plan looks like for them.

You are not alone with NYC Intervention Services

The initial intervention is only the first step and then there is much more to follow. We will be their every step of the way to guide you and your loved one through their Response to Intervention and any care that is needed afterwards.

It is normal for you to be worried about your loved ones response to their intervention. Remember they may reject the invitation for an intervention at first and become defensive, but it starts the important task of bringing them out of isolation. The goal here is to get them to a place where they want to be a part of their plan for recovery.

Aftercare Intervention is essential following the intervention because it will increase the chance of recovery. This may include therapy or another type of support we offer. You must give your loved one as much time as they need at this point because recovery may take a long time. What is important is they are pursuing a recovery, and not imprisoned by their addiction any longer.

Please contact me today and let me help you get started in helping the one you love overcome their addiction.

NYC Intervention Services

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NYC Intervention Services | Types of Interventions

Intervention Specialists helps people help their loved ones all over the country, but we are based out of New York City, making it logistically easy to help individuals and families that also live in NYC. Unlike what you may hear, my interventions have one goal, which is to get the one you love into treatment and on the path of recovery.

It has become my life's mission to do just that, and if you happen to live nearby, I highly recommend you contact me for a free consultation.
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"Brad Lamm's step-by-step approach empowers familes to change their loved ones through compassionate
and continued support."

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“I just couldn't believe it. My husband was the picture of the American Dream. He was a successful Latino attorney, had a beautiful house, and also nearly divorced me so he could spend more time with his mistress -- cocaine.

I felt so betrayed at first. I thought that this was the end of our family. My kids didn't understand what was happening. When my friend told me about this Intervention program, I was so desperate to find help, I called the same day!

Things are not perfect now, but I understand what is going on a little better, and that is a blessing. "
-Dana G.
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Interventionist in NYC

NYC Interventionist Brad Lamm provides many types of Intervention Services to those suffering from addiction and behavior that has become detrimental to both their mental and physical well-being.

Brad has struggled with addiction himself and has been through an intervention. These personal experiences lead him to develop interventions which meet the individual needs of both the addict, and the friends and family affected by their addiction.

He brings insight to the intervention process fed by compassion and expertise. After undergoing his own intervention, he was inspired to help others and became a board registered Interventionist in NYC.

Brad's unique approach to interventions enables those suffering from addiction and their family and friends to:

  • Find hope and a way out of painful addictions.

  • Provide necessary tools needed to facilitate the Intervention and recovery process.

  • Facilitate an intervention in a secure environment where everyone feels safe to share their thoughts and feelings.

  • Create an intervention that meets the individual needs of the addict as well as family and friends.

Please contact me today and let me help you get started in helping the one you love overcome their addiction.
RTI Interventionist Brad Lamm