Intervention Training

Because of the rapid advances in technology, we are now able to offer several Intervention Online services, including training to prepare families who want to host their own Intervention.

The safest way to do this is to participate in our Intervention Training where you will learn how to handle the most common problems that face the group Intervention.

My Cisco WebEx online training environment will allow you to:

  • Face the fears that may be preventing a successful Intervention experience.

  • Structure your learning in an interactive format.

  • Plan the stages of your Change Plan and define your Change Message.

Other important details in the online program include issues related to financing the process, including a comprehensive Insurance Review for qualification.

Because everyone has their own way of learning, I created an interactive online learning program to help families prepare and even stage their own Interventions! The course takes about five weeks to complete. During the course of this training, you will learn about the most common obstacles to a successful Intervention. Then, you will be given the tools to overcome them one by one.

With a little practice, you will begin to own and internalize this powerful and inspirational material. By the time you are ready to make your invitation to Intervention, you will have become proficient in the core principals of Recovery and will be able to articulate them with your unique voice.

The material can be emotionally challenging, but it is also accessible to everyone -- by design. I have worked with people from all walks of life, from every income bracket and background. I tell you truthfully that these addictions know no preference.

From grocery clerks to lawyers, domestic workers to nurses, I see nothing in common with people who face addictions except a deep and gnawing personal pain. I also know that this pain is the very fuel of addiction, and I believe that your loved one can be rescued from its clutches.

However, before this can happen, preparations and safeguards must be put into place and this takes a little time. The experience and expertise of the Change Institute is here to help accelerate your learning curve with the Intervention Training modules offered online.

We strive to become an active member of your support network, and we always want you to feel that you are not alone. Help is either a phone call or a few mouse clicks away.

Intervention Online

When I first began this journey to Recovery, I had only a small group of people to Intervene and assist me with the transition into sobriety. Because of the difficulties I observed, I decided to create a series of outreach and educational programs that would make the process easier for those that came after.

The Intervention Online program remains one of my personal favorites because:

  • The interactive and dynamic online tutorials keep both your interest and your involvement.

  • You can review the core concepts as often as needed.

  • The online learning environment allows you time to reflect.

No matter what your learning style, we can help you to create the Intervention Plan that is best suited for your needs. We do offer these training courses for people who may want to conduct their own Intervention; however, the most successful Interventions make use of both a qualified professional and a healthy support network.

Our Intervention training will prepare you to access the knowledge you need to recruit your loved one onto the Recovery team.

There are many reasons that you may have to postpone this decision. You may be afraid of the reaction of your loved one. You might think that they do not actually want help because they keep pushing you farther away.

You might even believe that they have no feelings left for loving attention of any kind! The voice of addiction will always attempt to isolate your loved one from the resources they need the most.

Our training course is a valuable educational resource. When you understand what motivates your loved one's behaviors, you will be better equipped to handle them.

Intervention Training

Intervention Online

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After you contact us for free consultation about how you should proceed with your Intervention, we may recommend that we teach you how to host your Interventions.

As it is noted thought this website, the success of an Intervention has much to do with training the participants how to let go their anger and frustration and improve your communication skills based on your love for the addict you are concerned about. Intervention Training is not to taken lightly or underestimated. An improperly held Intervention can cause more harm and distance than good.
"Brad Lamm's step-by-step approach empowers familes to change their loved ones through compassionate
and continued support."

-Dr. Mehmet Oz
Dr. Oz Show
Intervention Trainer

As the founder of the Intervention Specialists, I realize that many people face different life circumstances that may affect their ability to make the positive commitment to change.

These obstacles and many more will be covered in the training program; it all happens online, or over the phone, for your convenience. This way, you can participate in the program training when you are feeling up to it -- any time of the day or night!

The online Intervention Training consists of:

  • Interactive learning modules that will help you learn and retain the most vital information.

  • Inspirational advice and anecdotes from many people who have been there, including me!

  • Comprehensive preparation for the invitation to your loved one, including your personal Change Message.

  • Change Planning and Intervention Follow-Up preparations.

Whether the problem is alcohol or obesity, gambling or drugs, I assure you that there is strength in numbers and the family and closest friends really can make your loved one willing to join the team for change!

Love is the best Intervention, and the people who love them the most are the best fit to bring them their attention to the hope that surrounds us all, all of the time.

Contact us now to learn about these inspirational Online Training programs.

Please Contact us to make a change.
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“As a professional nurse, I knew that when I caught my co-worker stealing medication from my workplace that I had to do something about it right away.

A problem like this could quickly get out of hand and I didn't want to see anything happen to her. I didn't have much time to reinvent the wheel on this one.

So I enrolled in the online training Intervention program before confronting her about those occasional misrepresented reports she would write.

When it was time for the Intervention, I was up to speed."

-Debbie G.
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