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Intervention Specialists provides compassionate addiction counseling and Intervention Planning to families who are facing a crisis related to substance abuse.

Because there are different dynamics involved -- for example, alcohol abuse and food dependency must be handled differently -- we provide access to an assessment and planning service to meet your actual needs.

  • When appropriate, we may travel to your location to conduct the Intervention.

  • Our registered professionals are also compassionate and caring people who have unique insights and perspectives to share with your family.

  • Our services do not stop at Intervention; we continue follow-up care as long as it is needed.

Our goal is to help you recruit your loved one as an active, participating member of their own Recovery team.

We provide them with all of the support that they need to make the transition from substance dependency to a life of humane interdependency.

Self-abuse can only stop when we offer them something more powerful and more loving to take its place.

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Intervention Specialists

Our organization has been developing a comprehensive plan for families and their loved ones over the course of several decades. Our experience and expertise in planning, case management, Intervention Aftercare are the result of many years of a powerful combination of personal insight and professional development.

We are proud to offer a wide range of services and training materials that cover the range of problems that we know families must face to overcome their loved one's resistance to positive change.

Intervention Services

We offer families in crisis immediate access to a registered professional who can assess your situation with care and diplomacy. If necessary, this can be done over the phone. Although we understand that many different situations might qualify as a crisis, not every crisis should be handled exactly the same way.

Speaking with a professional can help you gain perspective on your situation and help you to make the next step without escalating your crisis.

Intervention Specialist

Because our program draws information and expertise from various sources, we are able to offer families the services of the specialist best suited to serve them. We understand that there are many dynamics that cause a crisis to occur. Because of this, we offer a range of approaches to solve them. Click on any of our service pages to learn more.

Addiction Intervention

The Addiction Intervention Specialist is a qualified and registered professional who has valuable insights and resources to help your family cope with the behavior of your loved one while you are preparing to make an invitation for Intervention.

There is no substitute for experience in this field. We urge you to read as much as you can about this priceless service; the life of your loved one could be one the line.

Family Intervention

A Family Intervention Specialist is a uniquely qualified professional who can assess your family dynamics in order to plan for a successful Intervention experience. The elements of location, timing and the people involved are carefully coordinated to provide an opportunity for both structured and improvisational communication with your loved one.

Intervention Training

If you wish to learn how to conduct your own Intervention, we offer access to a registered and experienced Intervention Training Specialist online or in one of our New York or Los Angeles locations. Read more about the importance of completing our training programs before attempting an Intervention.

Early Intervention

The importance of adolescent or Early Intervention Specialists in the life of your teen cannot be underestimated. The unique struggles of the teen with a dependency problem must be handled differently than the adult loved one. Click the link to learn about this critical distinction.

Obesity Intervention

Our Obesity Intervention Specialist brings an unparalleled sensitivity to your family. With understanding and compassion, they are prepared to delicately handle the fragile emotions that underpin food dependency.

Intervention Support

Our experience has shown that there is strength in numbers and that the family and closest friends are in a unique position to influence the change that is needed. Whether the problem is alcohol or drug dependency, gambling or obesity, shopping or food addiction, our specialists are here for you and your loved one.

We are prepared to offer you the essential tools that ease the crisis you face and make them available all of the time, any place. From online training tools to telephone conferencing, we are constantly available and are committed members of your personal Recovery team.

If your family is facing the complex issues of a loved one's substance abuse, you are in crisis. However difficult this may be, you do not have to face it alone.

Please contact us to take the first steps in making a change.

Intervention Specialist

Intervention Specialists

Intervention Specialists | Intervention Support | Intervention Specialist

Our services combine the professional experience of a registered Interventionist with the skills of an ordinary caring person. We are here to offer 24/7 assistance to families facing a crisis of:

• Drug or Alcohol abuse
• Gambling or Shopping Addictions
• Behavioral Crisis or Food Dependency

Our range of services does not stop there. If you believe you face a unique addiction, or simply do not have a name for what you are experiencing, contact us now for a free consultation.
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Intervention Specialist Brad Lamm
"Brad Lamm's step-by-step approach empowers familes to change their loved ones through compassionate
and continued support."

-Dr. Mehmet Oz
Dr. Oz Show
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Brad Lamm, CIP
Certified Intervention Professional 

Free Confidential Consultation or Call: 1-800-763-1597
“My son was only 8 years old when I caught him smoking cigarettes. If I had known then what I know now, I may have watched him closer as he approached his teenage years and started hanging around some dysfunctional neighborhood kids.

When he landed himself in a lock-up, I didn't know where to turn. I consider myself very lucky to have stumbled on this program. As a single father with two jobs, I had no idea who took over raising my son until it was almost too late.

I am relieved that there are people out there who are really willing to help."

-James K.
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