Intervention Program

An Intervention Program may be selected according to your specific needs. We understand that many people experience addiction and its effects in different ways. Because of this, I have designed the kind of programs that I believe cover the most common needs for families in need of an addiction Intervention Service.

Regardless of the program you select, we offer support to the group even after the intervention. Intervention Counseling Services Offered:

Intervention and AfterCare

A popular program that uses the Invitation2Change method. It is a 6-month Recovery program that offers an additional month of follow-up care and an optional six-month extension, if needed. The family is assessed so the program will cater to their strengths. We may travel to your location to initiate the process in person.

Treatment Action Planning/Telepresence Treatment Action Planning

This is a service that was put into action in response to client feedback. We received requests for assistance in the creation of treatment plans as well as financing services. This is not an intervention; it is an analysis of your situation to determine the best course of action. This service may be offered over the phone or in one of our New York or Los Angeles offices.

Everyone who is directly involved with the plan may attend. For more information, call Alicia at (800) 763-1597.

Intervention Services

Change Coaching Initiative (CCI)

We modeled this post-treatment monitoring and case management program after the Airline Pilots and Physicians with licensing issues model. It is designed to produce rehabilitation of the addict through the use of:

  • Periodic screening for Drug/Alcohol use via urinalysis.

  • Routine contact with Family and Friends Calls and one-on-one Calls.

  • Random monitoring of participation in therapy, outpatient programs, and 12-Step attendance with sponsorship interaction.

Sober Companion/Sober Coaching

A truly innovative program that provides recovering addicts with sober social interactions; adjusting to sobriety can be very difficult, and the success rate is higher when they are not left alone. This sometimes means just getting from appointments to the home.

Sometimes, it means having access to a sober companion during the transition from rehab to the sober lifestyle. Sometimes it even means having a sober companion available 24/7. This can be combined with our Sober Coaching Program, which provides the recovering addict with practical structure and support in their daily routine.

Invitation2Change One-on-One Coaching

This is a combination of WebEx Intervention Counseling and five hours of telephone conferencing with a registered interventionist. We work with you to develop your: Family Mapping, Change Plan, Family Meeting plan, and the invitation to Family Meeting. There is no charge for this service, as it is included within the Treatment Action Plan.

Invitation2Change NOW Educational Set and NOW On-Demand Training

A supplemental CD set of audio training and education in the Invitation2Change model. Everyone in the Recovery group is encouraged to listen to the registered Intervention Counselor on the CD set, which includes an audio course specifically addressing addiction.

The NOW On-Demand Training is an interactive video experience that uses Q&A to help you retain the information. Now you can start this life-changing work right away!

Breakthrough Family Intensive

This is my Intervention Program designed through a collaboration effort with Dr. Kathy Willis. It provides an intensive three day support to families who need reinforcement during this challenging transition. The intensive is a continuing education experience for the family. As they meet the changes head-on, we meet their courage with resources and education.

Family Assistance in Recovery

Financial support is offered through the FAR program for qualifying applicants.

No matter what Intervention Service you choose, our registered Intervention Counseling is here to meet your specific needs. You do not have to be alone after the Intervention Help; we will continue to provide support as long as it is needed.

Intervention Services

Intervention Program

Contact Brad Lamm
Intervention Counselor

Hi! Brad here. If it was not for the compassionate intervention of my closest friends and family, I might be dead right now.

My Intervention happened when I was 35, and because of it, I am alive to write to you today.

My message to both suffering addicts and their devastated families is:

"At the end of your rope, even there -- is hope."

My Intervention Service is a design that has been developing over many years. Initially, it was just me building a model for a non-ambushing style of Intervention Help.

This model is based on the idea of inviting the addict to participate as a member of their own Recovery team.

I know that this can be difficult, because I was there! I remember constantly resisting and refusing to believe that there could be any change for me.

In effect, I wrote myself off and expected that my family and friends would do the same. Do you hear the voice of addiction in this mode of thinking?

When they sat me down to tell me that they believed in me, I had to hear it about a hundred times before it got onto my radar! Don't give up!

Don't give up, because we need your voice and your story, too. As we grow in Recovery, we find that:

  • The voice of Recovery is buried underneath the weight of the addiction.

  • The voices of the loved ones must be stronger than the voice of addiction.

  • Getting the addict to hear you may take repetition! Don't give up!

As we continue to grow in our Intervention Help modules, our organization of allies also contribute naturally to the growth of a Culture of Recovery. We invite you to join and contribute!

Please Contact us to make a change.
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My Intervention Program is a personal investment that I have made to you and your family. I believe that you can change the mind of your addicted loved one and convince them to live according to their own best interests!

Remember, no one wants to be addicted. When we provide the suffering addict with the tools and the support that they need to fight off this terrible experience, we are throwing them a life-line.

Don't give up!
Intervention Counselor Brad Lamm
Intervention Program Services Book How To Help The One You Love
"Brad Lamm's step-by-step approach empowers familes to change their loved ones through compassionate
and continued support."

-Dr. Mehmet Oz
Dr. Oz Show
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Brad Lamm
Board Registered
Intervention Counselor
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“I could tell my daughter was in real serious trouble when her grades dropped from A to D.

I will never forget the way she struggled to answer the simple question that was asked of her during the Intervention, "what's really bothering you?"

She has become more articulate since going into treatment and now we actually talk about the things that are bothering her instead of ignoring them or trying to cover them up.

I didn't really understand why the Intervention was necessary until much later.

Thank you for the help -- I needed it!"

-Arnold P.
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