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Join me for the first LIFESTYLE INTERVENTION CONFERENCE in Las Vegas - Sept 28-30

Attention Dietitians, Social Workers, Trainers and Psychologists! Join me for the First Annual Lifestyle Intervention Conference in Las Vegas, September 28-30th. I'll be co-hosting the special event, which is the first of its kind, focusing on Obesity, Intervention and Treatment. The list of guest speakers is absolutely stellar and EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION has been extended to August 15th. Learn more here.

I Can Do It! Pasadena Conference - October 16th

I'll be speaking at the I Can Do It! Pasadena Conference on October 16th. Join me for a powerful workshop that covers the highlights of my groundbreaking book, JUST 10 Lbs. The event will energize your mind, body, and spirit—and I Can Do It! has all you would ever want in a conference, and more. Check it out here.

Manic or High? What's behind celebs' erratic behavior. Plus the Everyday Addictions that inhabit our lives.

Interventionist and Author Brad Lamm explains why some recovering addicts suffer from mania, giving the impression that they're still high, and discusses where celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen may be in their recovery. Brad also discusses the Everyday Addictions that inhabit our lives.

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Former addict now preaches a new family of Intervention
family and friends have more power than they believe they have. We harness the strengths that are already there, they're just untapped. I suggest we look at the family's 'bottom' as 'we can't get any sicker.' Being 'ready' is a myth. That's what we do in intervention, we get people ready.

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MSNBC's The Today Show
The latest on the Charlie Sheen-CBS fallout.

Actor Charlie Sheen has reportedly returned to Hollywood after being in the Bahamas with a porn star and a model. He insists that he's clean and sober. TODAY's Jenna Wolfe talks with addiction specialist Brad Lamm about Sheen's behavior.

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Brad Lamm in the News

I hope you will watch this video clip and get a feel for how I can help you or your loved one overcome the horrors of addiction. 

My methods for recovery have proven success rates, and it is the tens of thousands of people I have helped that motivates me, to help you help the one you love.

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“One day out of the blue, my step-sister started just hitting and yelling at me. I couldn't understand anything she was talking about.

It seemed that she had lost her mind and they nearly decided to lock her up in a mental institution. I came to find out that she had been sexually attacked when she was young and was stealing her mom's prescription medication to cover up the pain.

I am glad she did not have to go to that place because she needed a different kind of help. When she apologized to me during the Intervention, I cried for so long. I just couldn't believe that there really was hope for her.

Everyone else had given up and called her crazy."
-Jason A.
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Brad Lamm, CIP
Certified Intervention Professional 

A registered interventionist, Lamm asserts that family and/or community involvement are key to an addicted person's recovery and future success.

Addicts who find themselves surrounded by loving family members, friends, and other caring community members are protected by a "firewall" of support which greatly increases their chance of revival and survival.

Brad challenges the conventional wisdom that dictates family and friends should just sit back and wait for an addicted person to check themselves into rehab.

According to Brad, "If we wait for the sick, confused, not-thinking-clearly person to think straight, who is the crazy one?"

Brad Lamm has written two books on the subject of intervention:

  • "How to Change Someone You Love: Four Steps to Help You Help Them"

  • "How to Help the One You Love: A New Way to Intervene"

You took a huge first step in coming to this website, looking for solutions to a problem Brad can help you with.

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