Family Intervention

Many of us live in the environment of addiction, yet we do not always recognize it. Many of you may have experienced alcohol or drugs without becoming addicted to them. I propose that addicts have fewer internal resources to cope with the pain that fuels their cravings.

Through compassionate insights and professional guidance, together we can:

  • Build a team to create the environment of Recovery.

  • Rescue the addict from their prison of addiction -- with their cooperation.

  • Articulate our own personal narrative of Recovery.

Because an addiction did not develop in isolation, we must assume that it will not stop while the addict is isolated. Did you know that addicts are more afraid of living than they are of dying? Read on.

Family Intervention Services

When an Intervention Family event is planned, the situation has usually become uncontrollable. The addict may be acting out in extreme ways. They may have begun to show signs of violence. The best thing that the family members can do is to reach out for more information about what is happening. You are not alone.

It may come as a shock, but the advanced signs of aggression, withdrawal and hostility is actually a cry for help. The addict, especially in the advanced stages of their illness, does not have many tools with which to communicate. We must learn how to separate the human being from the addiction that holds them hostage.

We begin by assuming that no one wants to be addicted, and that addicts are motivated to use in order to relieve their pain. The addiction takes hold of them when they do not have other means to relieve pain, manage stress, and cope with life. Although we may all experience these feelings to some degree, we have to accept that the addict probably feels them more intensely -- for various reasons.

The Family Intervention Specialists are here for you. They are the primary contact for more information about what is happening to your loved one. Perhaps you barely recognize them and suspect that a personality change has occurred. When you have access to information about how these drugs can actually knock out the part of the brain that regulates personality, the addiction becomes less intimidating. The addict can then be viewed with compassion.

Family Intervention Programs

The Family Intervention was created from the insights I had during my own Intervention. The motivation I bring to my own Recovery inspires all of my programs, which are always informed by the compassion and love that supports and enables the environment of Recovery.

Without an Intervention, I would not have been able to build these programs to help others in their hour of greatest need. I am very honored and blessed to be able to write these words today. I implore you to view your loved one as a hostage to their addiction. When you look at them this way, you can see the opportunity to rescue them.

You can feel love and compassion for them as a human being. You can see that they are self-medicating, and that the pain beneath the addiction must be horrible to bear at all but impossible to bear alone! However, when we blame or punish them, we are effectively surrendering the tools of Recovery to their addiction.

Family Intervention Specialists

My Family Intervention Services are designed to address both perspectives -- of the family and of the addict. When I was caught in the grip of addiction, I remember thinking that the drugs were my identity, and that the Interventionist was trying to take it away from me! I was very resistant at first until I started to recognize my family and friends again. The addiction is powerful, but when the addict joins the Recovery team, a real opportunity for transformation is created.

To sustain the Recovery, you will need:

  • The assistance of experienced Family Intervention Specialists.

  • A plan for mapping out the details of the Intervention, and a plan for Recovery support.

  • Telephone and/or online support training for planning your Family Intervention Programs.

  • Post-Intervention support and assistance.

I understand at least some of what you are going through. Even if you cannot commit to planning your Intervention Family moment at this time, please consider collecting as much information from my organization as you possibly can. The better educated you are on matters of addiction and Recovery, the more able you will be to make an informed decision on behalf of your loved one.

The situation is serious, which is why it is my business to provide your family with the practical tools of hope. Don't wait any longer -- Please contact us today.

Family Intervention Services

Family Intervention

Family Intervention | Family Intervention Services | Family Interventionist

If you are here to learn initiating a family intervention, please let me assure you a few things, based on my life experience:

  • You have come to the right place for change.
  • Intervention Specialists has multiple options for you.
  • Your primary motivation for being here is love for a family member. We can transform that energy into results.

Love is a strong motivator of all emotions, but will not always guarantee a successful intervention by itself. As a registered Family Interventionist, I can help you help the ones you love.
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"Brad Lamm's step-by-step approach empowers familes to change their loved ones through compassionate
and continued support."

-Dr. Mehmet Oz
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Family Interventionist

Hello, my name is Brad Lamm. I am the founder of the Change Institute. I am also a Recovering addict and creator of the Circle of Change.

My Intervention Family support system is designed to maximize the potential energy of love to rescue the addict from the death-grip of addiction.

I believe that when the addict joins the Recovery Team, the environment that supports addiction begins to collapse. However, the rescue will succeed in the long run only when the Recovery Team continuously supplies the Recovering addict with essential life-skills and practical tools.

Anyone can learn more about this system by using these resources:

  • How to Change Someone You Love: Four Steps to Help You Help Them

  • Contact us, request information about my Invitation2Change methods.

  • Online support systems and telephone support for Intervention planning and Recovery management.

Support of the family and friends increases the likelihood of Recovery by 500%. This support is a critical firewall that protects your loved one from the merciless grip of addiction until they can activate their own defenses.

Remember that the addiction has been brutally bashing the addict, probably for years. We need to avoid punishing or blaming the addict any more.

Instead, we need to nourish and strengthen their humanity. We need to reward every step towards Recovery they manage to take, even when they are resisting the change at the same time!

Please Contact us to make a change.
Family Interventionist Brad Lamm
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“My daughter went through a horrible experience with one of those kids at school. Ever since that happened, she has been drinking almost every day.

At first I thought that there was nothing I could do about it because she was over 18 at the time. If it had not been for the choir director at my church, who had some good sense and even better connections, I think I may have lost my baby girl.

The look in her eyes when she agreed to go into therapy was the most beautiful music to my ears I'd ever heard!"

-Beth Ann L.
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