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Most addictions are a form of self-medication for both physical and emotional pain. All addictive chemicals offer the addict relief from intense pain. What can we do about this?

  • Our natural endorphins are chemicals that allow us as humans to feel love.

  • Addiction provides the addict with a sense of connection that feels like love, but behaves like death.

  • Addicts are much more likely to recover in a loving environment than in a punishing environment.

Our Drug Intervention Programs give addicts an opportunity to re-establish themselves as a human being; we can offer them opportunities to practice their better human nature on behalf of their families and themselves. We can provide emotional and practical support. We can change our perceptions of the addict by assuming that no one wants to be addicted.

Drug Intervention Programs

It is very important that a trained professional Drug Interventionist be in charge of mediating during the intervention process. Often times there is a lot of built up anger and other emotions. Without a mediator, such an attempt can do more harm than good and lead to heavy arguments. When confronted in general about their addiction, an addict will usually just get angry and leave the scene. This is often why family members give up on telling an addict that they need help.

How Can Drug Intervention Programs Help?

Drug addiction tends to be a family disease. The addict is not the only person affected by their addiction, but close family and friends also tend to become ill as a result of the drug addiction cycle. Drug addiction creates a pattern and those closest to the addict fall into a pattern just as the addict does. Sometimes this can include lending money, bailing the addict out of jail, lying for the addict, getting into heated verbal and sometimes physical altercations, and other similar behaviors.

Drug interventions help to discontinue the denial so often expressed by addicts and their family members. The addict and family members are forced to honestly take a look at the disease and the devastation brought about by the addiction. When put in such a situation, the addict has to see the pain in others and turmoil in their own life, which can often times lead to an awakening long enough to create a desire to get help.

It is common for addicts and the one’s closest to them to minimize the severity of the disease. When a drug abuse intervention takes place, every party is forced to face the problems the addiction has created in the life of the addict and those closest to him or her.

It is important that the addict immediately accept help while the desire to stop the addiction is present. If not, the addict can quickly give in to the urge to use and continue in their addiction.

Perhaps one of the most important changes that take place during the intervention process is not only a chance to help the addict in desperate need, but loved ones also learn that some of their own behaviors are only enabling the addict to continue in the addiction cycle. In order to expect any change, these behaviors must stop and boundaries must be established. This also helps loved ones to have more peace in their own life.

Drug Interventions Services

  • Contact Us - If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction and is in need of help, please contact us with your story. By discussing your situation with us, this could lead to a personal visit.

  • Online Training On Holding Your Own Intervention - Perhaps, like many, you are in a certain situation or are limited on resources to get an intervention done for a loved one that needs to take place. Learn from a professional intervention specialist how to conduct an intervention.

  • Brad Lamm Books - Get your copies now of some of the best resources for helping others suffering from addiction. Learn more about the disease of addiction and how to break through the barrier of denial.

Take The First Step By Contacting Us

The first step is always the hardest, but you can make a difference by taking that first step and contacting us. Contact us now to find out what the next step is in helping your loved one get on the path to recovery and out of the vicious cycle of addiction.

Drug Interventionist

Drug Intervention

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A Drug Abuse Intervention is carefully planned prior to the actual intervention. Family members are coached on how to go about speaking to the loved one, and are encouraged to make necessary life changes for themselves.

The Drug Intervention is done in a controlled setting. The loved ones first state their concern and how the addiction has affected their life. Words of encouragement may also be shared. In addition, each loved one is encouraged to explain to the addict that they will no longer contribute to the addiction or enable them.
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"Brad Lamm's step-by-step approach empowers familes to change their loved ones through compassionate
and continued support."

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As the founder of the Change Institute, I am deeply grateful that you have taken the time to read these pages. As an addict in Recovery, I have a personal investment in the outcome of these efforts. Every person who allows me to help them also strengthens my own Recovery.

Please consider that:

  • Addicts are more likely to respond when they are treated as a human being with legitimate needs.

  • We can also learn to confront addiction without blaming or shaming the suffering addict.

  • We can offer addicts a sense of priority and value their health on all levels.

When we plan a Drug Abuse Intervention, we want to change the behavior -- we want the addict to stop using, but we also want them to recover.

Recovery is more than simply not indulging in addictive substances; it is a new way of living. For the addict, these skills must be learned.

Only a professional has the ability to keep an intervention on track. A professional interventionist also has experience with what techniques tend to work and which do not in confronting an addict about his or her problem.

Please Contact us to make a change.
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“I knew my girlfriend for 8 years before she started showing me how much she really used drugs. All kinds of drugs.

We were friends before we got together. But when she made a move on me, she wanted me to get high with her.

This continued for two years before I just couldn't take the excuses any more.

Her Intervention chnged her and our relationship forever!"

-Corey H.
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