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Your courage to read about this subject is admirable; without sharing knowledge, we are all grasping in the dark for a light switch. I can tell you truthfully that if it was not for the Intervention that happened to me, I would probably be dead -- that was the direction I was headed.

At the time, I was considered successful by all material standards. In secret, however, I was drinking, smoking, overeating and abusing drugs.

When my friends sat me down and told me that they were afraid that I was actually trying to kill myself, I have to admit that I did not take them seriously and fully expected them to give up on me and just go away -- they didn't. This may be why I am alive today.

These three books are intended to share with you what I have learned up to the time they were written.

Intervention Books

Intervention Book

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How To Help The One You Love | How to Change Someone You Love 
Just 10 Pounds

Self-education is one of the most important activities you can participate in when planning to conduct an intervention on behalf of your loved one. My books are written specifically for this audience, and they come from my personal experience with addiction.

I realize that this can be a painful process. I felt that by writing books about addiction and recovery, I could most effectively communicate that: You Are Not Alone.
Author Brad Lamm

As a registered Intervention Specialist, I wrote these intervention Books to communicate with you my personal insights about the possibility of changing your loved one and why it is important to Intervene on their behalf.

  • How to Help the One You Love

  • How to Change the Someone You Love

  • Just 10 Pounds

These books are not only a personal journey; they are a map to sanity and provide an exit out of the crazy environment of addiction.

My motto is: "If we wait for the sick, confused, not-thinking-clearly person to think straight, who is the crazy one?"

All of my books were written from the perspective that we can change our loved ones. Everything that I experienced and witnessed leads me to believe that we cannot afford to wait for our loved ones to "hit rock bottom" before we begin to offer them help.

By that time, it may be too late.

Instead, I offer families a Change program that is powered by love. Your love is the firewall that will allow your loved one a genuine chance at Recovery.

For the family who is facing the encroaching problems of their loved one's substance abuse or dependency, your first line of defense is accurate information and empathic education.

I encourage you to harness the energy of love and combine it with the skills offered through our Intervention Services.

Please Contact us to make a change.
Author Brad Lamm
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Brad Lamm, CIP
Certified Intervention Professional 
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Intervention Book How To Help The One You Love
Intervention Books How To Change Someone You Love
How To Change Someone You Love

The conventional wisdom says that we cannot change others; we can only change ourselves. I believe that this is an express ticket to disaster.

While the conventional concept may apply in some situations, when it comes to substance dependency, we need to understand that your loved one does not have complete access to their own good senses.
Just 10 LBS Book By Bradd Lamm
Just 10 LBS

Writing this Intervention Book was a transformative experience for me. I worked long hours to articulate my personal struggles and insights on bulimia, binging, self-esteem and depression.

I understand that reading about this subject can be challenging -- writing about it is no picnic, either!
How To Help the One You Love

When you are learning about the different Interventions available, it is helpful to notice that there are some themes common to all addictions.

When we seek understanding, we can see more clearly that addiction preys upon emotional vulnerability.
With loving energy, you can learn how to supply your loved one with the initial strength that they need until they can stand on their own. Without your support, they may fall.

  • Addictive activities thrive in isolation and loneliness.

  • Re-connecting with your loved one may take persistence; they are likely to resist.

  • No one wants to be addicted. It is in our nature to heal ourselves and each other.

This Intervention Book is about the journey from confusion to understanding, from fear to love, from anger to compassion. We so often get caught up in the emotion of our problems that we fail to perceive the opportunity.
This is the nature of substance abuse -- it distances a person from their internal resources. I have come to understand that without the support of family and friends -- along with other influential persons -- your loved one will be isolated. Their dependency thrives in this isolation, and if left alone too long, can even separate them from their own life.

It is not an exaggeration to say that your loved one may be facing a life-threatening situation. Many people have died under these conditions, especially when they are isolated. While under the influence of their addiction, they cannot be expected to think and behave rationally.

When the friends and family surround them with loving energy, they may have a chance to see the situation with more clarity. The belief that we cannot change them is wrong simply because it prevents us from acting!

It seems to me that this particular belief actually feeds the problem and places a wedge between your loved one and good common sense. This is what we mean when we say that skillful love can restore us to sanity.

However, besides our personal discomfort with the subject, it is important to remember on whose behalf we sacrifice this comfort. If your loved one is suffering from obesity or food dependency, the time you spend learning about this condition can really make all the difference in the world. It is one thing to offer love and support; it is something else to offer it upon the humble plate of knowledge -- for how else can we understand their hunger?

This book uncovers the real obstacles that prevent you or your loved one from losing weight and keeping it off. Unlike many other programs, these two issues are tackled independently before they are combined. The underlying problems that the food dependency covers up can be dealt with; change can happen for anybody.

Self-Education is Powerful

Sometimes the problems that food addicts face are very basic in nature, yet they also seem complex when they remain unexamined. To remove this particular obstacle is a major milestone in Recovery.

I encourage you to read everything that you can on this subject because the more you learn, the more you are able to learn. I offer this book to you as a written prayer that you will find the courage to change; it already exists inside of you.

My personal journey continues. Every person who allows me to help them is also supporting my own Recovery. I thank you sincerely for this opportunity to help you in whatever way I can.
“I am the manager of a respectable Science Center, and am writing today to encourage employers to participate in these Interventions whenever possible.

I knew there was something wrong when my star graphic designer, who started coming in to work late on a regular basis, called up one day with the strangest excuse I've ever heard.

She said, "I'll be right there, I'm juggling my cat." I thought I would have to fire her when I smelled the booze on her breath.

I was relieved to be presented with a viable alternative, and was able to keep a valuable employee on staff.

Thanks, Brad."

-Beverly K.
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