Alcohol Intervention

Deep listening to each experience has been shown, time and time again, to be a key turning point in the recovery process. During an intervention, many alcoholics, as well as their loved ones, find their voice -- often for the first time. With support, they may also find the courage to speak about their unspeakable pain.

Emotions can run high during an intervention. I try to help people to understand that this can be a good thing, but only when it is handled with the essential combination of compassion, love and skill.

Alcohol Interventionist

Alcohol Intervention

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The Change Institute was founded in 2008 to provide skillful understanding to addicts and their families. The Alcohol Intervention Programs provide more than just the protocol of recovery and the vocabulary of addiction:

It provides the support of other people who are in advanced stages of recovery. Our virtual community is a popular resource where recovering addicts can exchange vital support and encouragement.

I have experience with confronting the addiction in many forms. My first confrontation was with my own addiction. Over time, I also recognized the face of addiction in many other behaviors, especially in my relationship with food.

I began to recognize its insidious grip on other people in my life. Thanks to the intervention done on my behalf, I am now able to share this powerful technique with others in need. I founded The Change Institute after I became aware that change is really possible.

The program works because each side is allowed to speak, and each side must also listen. My Alcohol Intervention Program allows both families and the alcoholic to begin the recovery process.

It does this by offering each a chance to speak from the heart about the devastating effects addiction has had in their lives.

The hurt and pain, which once fueled the addiction, will now be allowed to express itself within a safe environment.

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Alcohol Intervention | Alcohol Interventionist

Alcoholism and addicton has been viewed by some as a taboo, a personal problem or even as a medical condition. I can assure you that:

  • No matter how bleak it may seem, you have options.
  • All interventions require an intense amount of love.
  • By considering an intervention, change has begun.

Change can begin when people are willing to confront the deep and painful realities of addiction.
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Alcohol Interventionist
Alcohol Interventionist Brad Lamm
The Intervention for Alcohol Abuse is not just an opportunity for the addict and their family to exchange feelings of pain and hurt, it is also a key that opens the door for everyone involved. It allows them to see that there really is hope.

This hope is often embodied in the Alcohol Interventionist, who often becomes the voice of recovery. When loved ones become separated and defragmented, I work to bring everyone together through love.
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I also understand that many people associate very closely with their particular addiction of choice; in this case, alcohol. For me, the addiction would manifest in alcohol, drugs, food, and workaholism. It kept re-appearing in a different form. It took many years before I could finally admit that I had a problem, but the reality for me was that: An addiction is an addiction.

The Alcohol Intervention is a very structured experience offered to families in crisis. I understand that families do not always realize what addiction can do to the addict. I understand that mothers, fathers, siblings, and family friends may feel so hurt, angry, frustrated and confused that they may have trouble expressing these feelings in constructive ways.

I also understand that beneath these feeling is a tremendous love that must be harnessed to bring the addict back into a realm of sane communication between human beings.

Intervention for Alcohol Abuse?

An Alcohol Intervention is a very specific process that I designed from the many insights I had over the course of the years that I struggled with addiction in its different forms. What I discovered, and what I want to share with you, is that:

  • All addictions have a cause, and all addicts want relief from their pain.

  • Families of addicts and the addict both need tools to deal with and manage their pain.

  • Many addicts believe they are unique; they may think that the early-life traumas that triggered their addictive coping behavior is something that no one else has gone through or can understand.

  • Family members need to be provided with a safe environment to express the way that the addiction has impacted their lives.

They often struggle to find the words to express these feelings, and not everyone is comfortable with this kind of verbal confrontation. The loved ones often need help.

Alcohol Intervention Programs

For many families and addicts, this may be the first time that they have met and interacted with a real person who has made it to the other side of recovery. They are often curious, and would like to know if it could happen for them as well. The Alcohol Interventionist stokes the fires of their curiosity during the intervention by compassionately communicating insights on both addiction and recovery.
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A caring and sincere invitation to participate in their own recovery is extended to the loved one, again and again. Even if the person does not accept the first invitation, they are offered the invitation, again and again.

An invitation for change is offered as many times as possible, and, as needed, until the loved one eventually accepts the invitation, and is ready to make the first step.
Recovery often begins when the deep, painful feelings that are buried beneath the alcohol abuse are brought to the surface. However, these feelings are highly volatile and must be brought into a compassionate space held together by the people who love the alcoholic the most -- and who are also the most hurt by the alcoholics' behavior.

Truly, the ability to do this is a grace for all involved. Please consider making the time to learn about our Alcohol Intervention Programs. The best way for you to accomplish this very important goal to Contact Us now, let us a little about your situation, and let us recommend a healing plan of change. Please call now.
"Brad Lamm's step-by-step approach empowers familes to change their loved ones through compassionate
and continued support."

-Dr. Mehmet Oz
Dr. Oz Show
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“When my friend started taking me out to the bars, I just thought she was a social drinker. It took me two years to find out that she had a circuit of friends that she would go out with -- almost every day.

In a way, it was good that I didn't see her all the time because I may not have recognized the change. After a while, it started to show on her face and in the way she talked.

She was having a problem and I know for sure she didn't always remember what happened the night before. Now that's scary.

Without this Alcohol Intervention program, I don't think I could have been able to help her the way I did."

-Christie H.
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