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The concept of Intervention Drug Addiction has changed dramatically over the past few decades. It is worth taking a moment to review some of the most important changes in the public perception of addiction. In the past, and even to this day, there are many who consider an addiction to be some kind of personality defect.

Studies have shown that drugs can cause damage to the areas of the brain responsible for personality, so the truth is more complex than that popular myth.

New scientific knowledge has given us the vocabulary to talk about the incredible pharmacy that we all carry around inside of our bodies. The only difference between an addict and the non-addict is the degree to which their body recognizes external chemicals, or drugs, instead of the natural internal chemicals, or endorphins.

When you think about it, why would people keep using when they are literally falling apart? Addicts who are in recovery also ask themselves why they continued to use substances that caused so much damage in their lives.

Well, these drugs are powerful pain killers and are capable of causing some people, who often have extreme emotional vulnerabilities, to prefer them to their natural chemicals. So, the question is not really "why the addiction," but it becomes instead, "why the pain?"

As humans, we do not have receptors for the external drugs; we have receptors for endorphins. The receptors may prefer external drugs, but only under conditions of disconnection. We have natural pain relieving endorphins, which are not just used for ordinary pain relief, but are also used for feelings of human connection.

Addiction is not just about drugs, because the endorphin rush can also be activated in response to other stimuli as well. The disconnection affects the addict's ability to care about their own well-being.

These interacting dynamics easily lead to nutritional deficiencies in most addicts. The addict in recovery might even have to re-learn how to develop a taste for nutritious edibles! We recognize that the addiction has a powerful physical hold over the addict.

An Intervention for Drug Addiction is appropriate when the situation has spiraled out of control and there is nothing more that the family can do to change the situation on their own.

However, if the situation has not yet reached that point, and you would like to learn more about how to do a family intervention, you can certainly benefit from the book I wrote about the subject. I also offer Online Training to help people who wish to learn about performing their own Intervention for Drug Addiction.

We all need as much education about addiction as possible. We often hear a lot of comments like, "if only someone would have told me," and "I didn't know what these drugs can do to your brain." Even in recovery, many addicts often overlook the need for nourishing foods and activities.

As the addict begins to understand that their behavior is hurting both themselves and others, they may also realize that they do not have as much control over their habit as they originally thought.

Intervention for Drug Addiction

The Drug Addiction Intervention is hopefully only the first step in changing the addict's overall perception of their condition. They must be encouraged every step of the way to participate in their recovery on every possible level.

By carefully cultivating connection, trust, and curiosity about life, the addict can build the internal resources needed for a long-term recovery. These traits of recovery work best when they are supported by resources and emotional investments from the people who are closest to the addict.

At the very least, it offers the addict the opportunity to learn how to live in sobriety, manage their pain, and restore their relationships. At its very best, an Intervention for Drug Addiction can help the addict to nourish their human needs using healthy food, laughter, curiosity about life and deeper connection with their loved ones.

The best way for me to help you choose the right course of action is contact us for a free consultation. The types of addictions are as numerous as the people who fall into this life trap. Your consultation is confidental, and helps me to get your loved one on the path to change.

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Success with Intervention Drug Addiction is more than just changing a self-destructive behavior; it is about replacing the dependency with life-affirming habits. We have come to understand that many addicts do not suddenly begin to nourish their depleted bodies just because they get clean. Instead, what we find is that they take up what is known as "substitute addictions," or what others call "behavioral addictions."

Drug Addiction Intervention is designed to change the perception of addiction and to begin a recovery.
"Brad Lamm's step-by-step approach empowers familes to change their loved ones through compassionate
and continued support."

-Dr. Mehmet Oz
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Interventionist Brad Lamm

Founding the Change Institute has been a remarkable journey of recovery for me. Helping others is part of my own recovery, and I invite everyone to participate in recovering from the effects of addiction.

As an addict in recovery, I feel a deep compassion for both the family members and for the addict, and I understand that:

  • Addicts are actually at their strongest point when they can finally admit to their weaknesses.

  • Recovery is easier when you have the tools to manage your pain and the support to allow you to have your human feelings as well.

  • Helping others is an essential part of recovery -- for everyone affected by addiction!

Over the years, I have come to believe that everyone who is touched by addiction, including the family and the close friends, also need to find ways of recovering from the pain of addiction.

We encourage families to take the health of the addict very seriously and to try to bring the energy of health into their daily life. It does not have to be big; little changes add up.

We encourage families to support every positive step that the addict takes towards their recovery, no matter how small it may seem.

After realizing that I had adopted many of the behavior addictions, such as overeating and workaholism, I incorporated a program on overeating into the Change Institute. I invite you to learn more about it!

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“When my co-worker started asking me to do little extra projects for him, I thought it was a little strange.

When these requests continued, I thought it was rude. But when I saw him at the company party, I realized that he had a problem. It wasn't easy to get the boss involved in this, but I felt there was no other way.

When we staged the Intervention, we did it at work with a qualified addiction interventionist. That may be why it worked, and he was able to keep his job.

Since the Intervention, his quality of work has improved and we have enjoyed a more productive work environment."

-Mary D.
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